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Our firm provides expert paralegal services primarily in Small Claims Court Proceedings, Landlord – Tenant Disputes, Speeding Tickets,  Judgment Collections and other areas within the permitted scope of practice for Paralegals.

Servicing Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, we have been trusted to deliver a professional and efficient service since 2011.

In Small Claims Court, our firm commences and defends actions involving homeowner and contractor cases, breach of contract, car dealership cases, credit card lawsuits, water heater/AC lawsuits, negative credit report ratings, property damage, unpaid invoicesunpaid loans, wrongful dismissal cases , real estate commissions and more.TipThis is a partial list ,click here to learn more )

At the Landlord and Tenant Board, our firm commences and defends actions involving unpaid rent, evictions, maintenance, illegal entry, harassment and other LTB applications.

We have seen many self-represented cases fail because the right issues were not brought forth, effective evidence was not presented and/or individuals were just unprepared.

Additional paralegal services, such as Drafting Legal Documents, Demand Letters, Commissioning of Affidavits, Court Attendances including Trial, Judgment Enforcement and Collections.

Let us develop an effective strategy for your legal matter.We provide a 30 minute free consultation.


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