Firm Case List – Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court handles actions for the payment of money or the recovery of possession of personal property where the amount claimed does not exceed $25,000. excluding interest ,costs such as court fees and legal representation fees are in addition to this amount.

Below is a partial list and not a full list of cases that our firm handles.Call  (647) 270-0811 to discuss ways that our firm may assist you.

Auto Repairs:

Mechanic caused vehicle damage during repair and refused to compensate vehicle owner, honor warranty, repair and/or refund.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract caused by business, individual or corporation.

Business Dissolution

Assets and debt dispute between business owners.

Car Dealership

Car Dealership failed to disclose defects prior to vehicle purchase and refused to refund purchase price to buyer.


Business that require a paralegal to resolve unpaid accounts.

Home Renovation

Contractor performed faulty renovations causing damages, abandoned property and demanded payments for repair/completion.


Shipping and receiving businesses that experience unpaid accounts.

Promissory Notes or Loans

 Business or individual failed to make required payments in accordance of agreement.

Property Damage

Damaged caused by negligence.

Real Estate Dispute between buyer and seller

Deposit disputed when purchase and sale agreement fails, broker will not release funds unless mutual release is signed or by court order.

Real Estate

Dispute between Buyer, Seller, Agent or Broker –When purchase and sale agreement is breached.

Unpaid Invoice

 Businesses who experience unpaid invoices for services rendered.

Unpaid Rent