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Small Claims Court Representation

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Our firm’s focus in Small Claims Court involves contractor renovation cases,property damage, unpaid invoices, unpaid loans,breach of contract, disputed services rendered,credit card lawsuits, negative rating on credit report lawsuits ,car dealership cases, unfair business practices and gas utility lawsuits. TipThis is a partial list ,learn more my contacting us for a no-fee consultation)

Our Licensed Paralegals understand what issues and facts are needed to be raised and will develop an effective strategy to protect your interests,in fact our firm has a proven track record for breakthrough cases exceeding client expectations in litigation.

The Small Claims Court handles actions for the payment of money or the recovery of possession of personal property where the amount claimed does not exceed $25,000. excluding interest ,costs such as court fees and legal representation fees are in addition to this amount.

As a plaintiff, it is important to understand the rules and guidelines of Small Claims Court, more importantly, the legal principles that apply to your case, if you don’t, we strongly advise that you speak to one of our Licensed Paralegals for direction.

As a defendant, it is important that you respond to all court documents immediately. Once you receive a plaintiffs claim you have 20 days to file a defense in court. Yes this is general, but important information because, if you decide to ignore these documents a default judgment may be filed against you.This process may lead to garnished wages, writ of seizure, sale of personal property, property liens and/or sale of land and assets.

By retaining our firm, your risk are reduced. It is our dedication to protect you.Many cases fail because the right issues were not brought forth, effective evidence was not presented and/or individuals were just unprepared.

If in doubt, give us a call and find out how best we can help you solve your difficult litigation matter before it cost you more.

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  • Kevin has represented my company on two matters now and one was made especially difficult by the opposing party. He handled everything very professionally, taking all challenges in stride and patiently explaining them to his emotional client. I would highly recommend Kevin, he will represent your interests well and will be honest with you about your chances of success

    Richard GastmeierSmall Claims Court

List of Services

here is a snap shot of the list of services we provide  ( this is a partial list).

Commencing & Defending court Actions

Preparation of Plaintiff’s Claim, Defendant’s Claim, Defence

Court Attendances

We appear regularly at the Brampton Small Claims Court and Toronto Small Claims Court. We can appear at other courts in surrounding jurisdictions on a case by case basis.

Judgment Enforcement & Collections

Is a Judgment rendered against you? There are various methods that are available to protect the debtor against Judgment. We can assist you when you have been successful in obtaining a small claims court judgment and now need to collect your money or if a judgment has been rendered against you.To help you recover your money,we have extensive experience in locating assets and being able to collect debts by way of garnishment of wages and bank accounts, and writs of seizure and sale of property and land.

Legal Letters & Offer to Settle Letters

Ideal when you wish to make an offer to resolve your matter before proceeding through the small claims court, or if you need to respond to a demand letter from an opposing party.

Types of Cases

here is a snap shot the type of cases litigated by our firm ( this is a partial list, call to learn more).

Business Dissolution Lawsuit

Business dissolution cases involving partners who disagree with how the business should operate often find themselves in dissolution disputes over asset entitlement.


If a fact about the vehicle that affects the structural, mechanical, or performance of the vehicle could reasonably be expected to influence the decision of a reasonable purchaser to buy the vehicle the registered motor vehicle dealer must ensure that the information is disclosed in the contract.

condominium lawsuit

At times the condominium corporation , condominium owner or other condominium owners may find themselves in disputes were damages to the inner unit are concerned and who is responsibilities for the repair or monetary recovery of damages.

Contract Dispute Lawsuit

A business contract creates certain obligations that are to be fulfilled by the people or companies who entered into the agreement. In the eyes of the law, a party's failure to fulfill an end of the bargain under a contract is known as a "breach" of the contract.


You need to respond quickly when a credit card company files a lawsuit. If you receive notice that a credit card company is suing you, the worst response is to do nothing. Not responding can lead to unnecessary expense and embarrassment. Call Mississauga Paralegal, learn about your rights, and take positive steps to settle your debts and relieve your stress.


In Ontario the energy market (natural gas, electricity) was de-regulated a few years ago to introduce competition in the energy marketplace. This has created a lot of problems because the energy resellers use door-to-door salespeople to sell the contracts and many of them seem to be crooks.

Home Renovation Contractor Dispute

No matter how carefully you pick your contractor, a dispute with your general contractor is possible. Fortunately, you have several options to resolve it.

Negative Credit Reports & Credit Scores

Inaccuracies in credit reporting affect millions of Canadians each year. In 2013, the statistics Canada released a study finding that 20% of consumers have errors on their credit reports. The impact from these errors to consumers caused many to pay higher interest rates for things like car loans or insurance.


Drafting Legal Documents, Drafting Plaintiff and Defendant Claims, Demand Letters, Court Appearances, Process Serving, Title Search, Legal Research, Trial Preparation, Negotiation(s)

Promissory Note – Loan lawsuit

A promissory note is a contract specifying the terms of a promise by one party called the maker, to pay a sum of money to the other party, called the payee. Promissory note is intended to be a legal contractual obligation obligating the borrower to pay back a loan

Real Estate Commission Lawsuit

In standard real estate transactions, a customer will solicit the assistance of an agent to sell a home, and in return, the agent will charge a set percentage for a commission payout based on the final sale of the home.

Unpaid Invoice Lawsuit

Debt collection is one of the types of claims usually brought to Small Claims Court. About 50% of Unpaid Account / Invoice or NSF Cheques claims filed in Small Claims Courts are filed by businesses. The following are claims that can be filed in the Small Claims Court: