Kevin Hodge – Because you’re looking for a modern paralegal who knows how to handle tough cases. With a personal touch that let’s you know he’s on your side, Kevin Hodge is the smart choice for your legal needs.

Kevin Hodge


Kevin Hodge is a licensed paralegal with over 9 years of experience providing legal services in small claims court and landlord and tenant tribunals. He has represented individuals, businesses and corporations in Mississauga and surrounding areas since 2011.

Mr. Hodge primarily focuses on small claims litigation including breach of contract, unpaid invoices, renovations and property damage, erroneous credit reports, water heater and AC rental complaints, wrongful dismissal, real estate deposits, mechanic and car dealership negligence and more.

Mr. Hodge also represents landlords and tenants with matters involvingunpaid rent, evictions, maintenance, illegal entry, harassment and more.

In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved alternatively through negotiations and discussions. This option is more cost effective than alternative measures also known as alternative dispute resolution.

Furthermore, Mr. Hodge assists those who want to represent themselves by drafting paperwork for small claims and landlord-tenant court use.

For more information or representation, get in touch with Mr. Hodge by calling 800-362-4713, email info@mississaugaparalegal.ca, or visit www.mississaugaparalegal.ca.