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Kevin Hodge
Founder, Licensed Paralegal
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From the Desk of Kevin Hodge
Written on June 21, 2022
Kevin Hodge is a licensed paralegal with over 11 years of experience providing legal services in small claims court and landlord and tenant tribunals and credit services. 

He has represented individuals, businesses and corporations in Mississauga and surrounding areas since 2011.

In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved alternatively through negotiations and discussions. This option is more cost effective than alternative measures.

Furthermore, Mr. Hodge assists those who want to represent themselves by drafting paperwork for court use, including Plaintiff’s claims, defense, motions and LTB applications, trial representation and more.

Mr. Hodge has dedicated his career to fight for the everyday consumer and business in the GTA and Peel Region. There are certain rules and laws that everyone must follow, but unfortunately, some individuals play on the fears of consumers and businesses in an effort to gain more money. There are laws to protect all of us and Mr. Hodge is on a mission to give power back and create a level playing field.

For more information or to gain representation, get in touch with Mr. Hodge by calling 647.270.0811, email, or visit

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