Ah the spring – the season of home improvement and renovation.

Spring and summer give birth to a boost in the number of people that hire skilled contractors and tradespeople to help them with project and home renovation work. Being in civil litigation, I often consult with people who find themselves in the midst of developing issues with people they have hired to assist them with various projects. Recently, a couple walked into my office that were having a dispute with a contractor they had hired.

Inaccurate Credit Rating On Credit Report

When is the last time you checked your credit? We all want to have a good credit rating. Having a good credit rating allows us access to credit when we need it, helps ensure the best interest rates can be offered when applying for loans and generally leaves people with options should you ever need them. At the beginning of a new year, most of us do certain things: we clean out our closets, set

Getting Started: Landlord and Tenant & Paralegal Representation

This is a guideline of what you should expect on the day of the Landlord and Tenant Board Tribunal Hearing. 1.Arrival at the LTB: When you arrive you will sign a sheet that will record your attendance at the Landlord and Tenant Board. 2.Mediation If you want to mediate, you tell the security guard when you arrive. You will sign a sheet and a mediator will come to speak to you. Remember that for mediation