Business Services

We are regularly retained to resolve small claim disputes in a wide range of industries.

Some services include:

  • Small Claims
  • Dispute Letters
  • Negotiation
  • Offers to Settle

Small Claims Court handles actions for the payment of money or the recovery of possession of property where the amount claimed does not exceed $25,000. excluding interest, costs such as court fees and legal representation fees are in addition to this amount.

Typical legal disputes faced by Businesses & Corporations:

  • Account Receivable Collections
  • Business 2 Business Disputes
  • Business Dissolution Disputes
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Employee Disputes
  • Libel/Slander Actions
  • Services Rendered
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Term of Contract Disputes
  • Trademark/Trade Name

Learn more by contacting us either by phone or email at;  905-218-3526 or to see how we can help you resolve your legal matter with a free consultation.