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Kevin Hodge,Founder & Paralegal

Kevin Hodge,founder is a licensed legal service provider.Since 2011 he has helped individuals and businesses resolve legal issues.

His goal is to provide the most helpful, personal and convenient service possible to his clients.

Mr. Hodge primarily focuses on small claims litigation including unpaid invoices and loans, contractor renovations and property damage, credit cards and collections,negative credit report ratings due to error, water heater and AC rental issues, wrongful dismissal, commission disputes between realtors, buyers and sellers, as well as mechanic and car dealership negligence.

Mr. Hodge also represents landlords and tenants with matters concerning unpaid rent, evictions, maintenance, illegal entry, harassment and more. In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved alternatively through negotiations and settlement discussions also known as alternative dispute resolution,this is usually faster and less costly.

Mr. Hodge also acts as co/paralegal assisting paralegal's with their client matters by providing drafting assistance,trial appearances and meeting clients for consultations.

For self-representatives,making limited appearances in court as part of the limited scope retainer,implementing an effective strategy, legal information and out of court coaching for court appearances, including at trial.

Mr. Hodge has developed a system using technology to help streamline legal matters. Mr. Hodge believes that client communication is key and includes monthly status reports and progress notifications as apart of his client service strategy.

Case Wins

Awarded $21,458.70

Awarded $21,458.70 Arising out of a contract for the Plaintiff to perform excavation services for a building owned by Nestle.

$17,000 Case Dismissed

$17,000 Case Withdrawn Defended an action concerning notice of assignment in credit card dispute.

Listen to Ms. Elizabeth M. Beckett,Adjudicator thoughts on Kevin Hodge,Senior Paralegal.

  •     Listen to Adjudicator Ms E Beckett thoughts on Kevin Hodge ( Paralegal)
  • Ms. Beckett -Senior Landlord and Tenant Board Adjudicator
    I want to say to you, that you have been extremely well served by Mr. Hodge. He has been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and calm. Your representative has been exemplary in his professionalism and the way he has responded, the way he put forth the evidence and the way he interacted with you, so I just wanted to let you know that.
    Ms. Beckett -Senior Landlord and Tenant Board Adjudicator
  • Richard Gastmeier
    Kevin has represented my company on two matters now and one was made especially difficult by the opposing party. He handled everything very professionally, taking all challenges in stride and patiently explaining them to his emotional client. I would highly recommend Kevin, he will represent your interests well and will be honest with you about your chances of success.
    Richard Gastmeier
  • John Pedder
    When it comes to providing feedback I guess I would always ask myself the question:  Would I do business again? My answer would be an emphatic yes! I was entirely satisfied with the service, the timeliness of responses, the price (when compared to equivalent legal services), and the overall quality of their people. I had a very challenging small claims case in which I was the defendant, Kevin provided clear advise and laid out our alternatives concisely. I was particularly impressed by Kevin himself and that was one of the key reasons for selecting Kevin Hodge. I would have no hesitation in recommending their paralegal services for small claims and other legal matters which may not or do not require a full blown lawyer to action.
    John Pedder
  • Rita Wung
    I've recently resolved the dispute with my tenant. When I decide to terminate tenancy with my tenant, I seek for legal aids. When I found myself sending e-mails to para-legal offices in GTA, Kevin Hodge was the first one who spent time understanding my case, provides valuable outlines to help me clear out the mist. With Kevin and Derek’s assistance, my case was successfully resolved in my favour. Great appreciation to Kevin & Derek – wonderful team work.
    Rita Wung
  • Satisfied Client
    I want to thank you for all your help with my case and also for the victory! I can now delete all my email evidence from the bad guy. This victory was only possible because of you. You took my case when I was running out of hope.  Thank you so much!
    Satisfied Client
  • Marylyn B
    I was looking for someone with experience in Small Claims Court documents and found Kevin Hodge on the internet. In my initial consultation, Kevin asked pointed questions to ensure that he fully understood my needs. I decided to go ahead with the documentation and Kevin and his team were able to prepare the paperwork accurately and timely. The fees were reasonable and Kevin explained the whole process while adding that he was always available with further help. I would highly recommend Kevin Hodge for their expertise and friendly, approachable manner.
    Marylyn B
  • Mansoor
    Straight forward and honest services provided. Extensive support levels offered by Kevin and his Associates. Kevin has the dedicated resources available to fight your cases. The consistent up to date information provided by Kevin and his Associates was the most rewarding experience throughout this process. Every step of the way his Associates provided up-to-date and timely information when required. I would definitely recommend Kevin and his Associates to anyone who is looking to build a solid case from ground up and taking a professional approach to winning a case. I am more than happy with the results of my case. Infact, it was because of Kevin’s proactive approach in dealing with my ex-tenants, which resulted in an early voluntarily eviction by the tenants
  • Henry Hathaway
    Great service with an unparalleled attention to details. Mr. Hodge and his team are worth their weight in gold. Thank you again for helping me through my matter and you shall be highly recommended going forward
    Henry Hathaway

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