Kevin Hodge

Mississauga Paralegal

Mississauga Paralegal

Kevin Hodge is a licensed paralegal. Since 2011 he has helped individuals and businesses resolve legal issues. His goal is to provide the most helpful, personal and convenient service possible to his clients.

Mr. Hodge primarily focuses on small claims litigation including unpaid invoices, renovations and property damage, erroneous credit reports, water heater and AC rental complaints, wrongful dismissal, commission disputes as a mechanic and car dealership negligence and more.

Mr. Hodge also represents landlords and tenants with matters concerning unpaid rent, evictions, maintenance, illegal entry, harassment and more.

In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved alternatively through negotiations and settlement discussions also known as alternative dispute resolution.

Furthermore, Mr. Hodge also acts as co-paralegal for solo to small firms by providing drafting assistance, appearances including trial.

Mr. Hodge has developed a system using technology to help streamline legal matters and believes that client communication is key.

Listen to Senior Adjudicator Ms. E Beckett thoughts on Mr. Hodge, Landlord and Tenant Board.


Awarded $21,458.70 Arising out of complex action for services rendered.

$17,000 Case Withdrawn Raised issues concerning notice of assignment in credit card dispute.

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