Kevin Hodge Senior Paralegal

Kevin Hodge

Senior Paralegal


Kevin Hodge is a throwback to an earlier era. Happy to call himself a “hybrid paralegal,” he is both a litigator and a dealmaker. He can, with equal facility, try a case to its final verdict, or quarterback a complex case to its final signature. His practice has since evolved into an eclectic mix of sophisticated clients in, among other things, fashion, restaurants, media, financial services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and a panoply of other diverse businesses. They admire his directness, his experience in an unusually wide range of circumstances, and his practical, business-oriented approach. As a litigator, Kevin keeps his clients grounded in reality. He gets them to question their own motives before bringing a lawsuit, and if he perceives that the probable result isn’t in their best interests, he will not hesitate to advise against it. If they decide to proceed, they do so with their eyes open. But whether they proceed or not, they know they will have a fierce advocate on their side, either way. Education University of Toronto Law Society of Ontario Licensed 2011. Ontario, Canada.