Kevin Hodge is a licensed legal service provider. For more than 7 years he has helped individuals and businesses resolve legal issues. His goal is to provide the most helpful, personal and convenient service possible to his clients.

Mr. Hodge primarily focuses on small claims litigation including unpaid invoices and loans, contractor renovations and property damage, negative credit report ratings due to error, water heater and AC rental issues, wrongful dismissal, commission disputes between realtors, buyers and sellers, as well as mechanic and car dealership negligence.

Mr. Hodge also represents landlords and tenants with matters concerning unpaid rent, evictions, maintenance, illegal entry, harassment and more.

In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved al-ternatively through negotiations and settlement discussions also known as alternative resolution. This option is more cost effective than alternative measures.

Furthermore, Mr. Hodge also assists those who want to represent themselves under a limited scope retainer by providing confidential drafting assistance, making limited appearances in court as part of the limited scope retainer,implementing an effective strategy, legal information and out of court coaching for your court appearances, including at trial.

Mr. Hodge has developed a process using technology to help streamline legal matters and believes that client communication is key to a successful litigation including monthly status reports and progress notifications.

When things seem off balance Mr. Hodge is there to bring things back into focus. There are laws that are designed to protect us all and Mr. Hodge is on a mission to level playing the field.

For more information or representation, get in touch with Mr. Hodge by calling 647.270.0811, email, or visit