Landlord and Tenant Representation

Unpaid Rent, Evictions, Maintenance, Illegal Entry, Harassment and other Landlord Tenant Applications.

The Landlord/Tenant relationship can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Swift, effective resolution of issues makes for better, clearer relations.

The laws that govern the Landlord and Tenant relationship are found under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, also known as the RTA.

The RTA outlines responsibilities that ‘must’ be followed, failing so, an application may be filed against the Landlord or Tenant.

A Landlord may file an application at the Landlord and Tenant Board for non-payment of rent, damages and/or harassment and pursue eviction.

A Tenant may file an application at the Landlord and Tenant Board for maintenance or harassment with a claim for rent abatement.

Attempting to tackle a Landlord Tenant Board application on your own may end up negatively impacting the outcome of your matter and one small error could result in an action dismissed or worse, you may be denied the opportunity to review, a costly mistake which may result in a denied appeal process which the expense of a lawyer is required.

Engaging professional paralegal services promotes successful applications which is why we suggest that you contact our firm for assistance, we offer a no-fee consultation for your matter.

When our firm handles your file we have the experience to ensure that the applicable notice(s) and application(s) are done right.

In addition; our firm provides paralegal services to property management companies who require dispute resolution services.

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