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Paralegal Services to support you inside or outside the courtroom
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Kevin Hodge, Founder, Licensed Paralegal

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Paralegal Services to support you inside or outside the courtroom
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the monetary limits for Small Claims Court?
Small Claims Court in Ontario will hear claims for money or personal property at a value of $35,000 or less (not including interest or costs). If you are looking to sue for an amount higher than $35,000 you will need to file your claim with the Superior Court of Justice and follow the civil litigation process instead.
What can I sue for in Small Claims Court?
In Ontario, the Small Claims Court hears claims for money owed under a variety of agreements, including unpaid accounts for goods or services, unpaid rent, and loans. Damages can also be claimed, including property damage, personal injuries, and damages for breaches of contract.
What kind of paperwork is required?
Almost every step in Small Claims Court is associated with a particular form. Some of the forms you may be required to use in the Small Claims Court process include: Plaintiff’s Claim, Defendant’s Claim, List of Proposed Witnesses, Offer to Settle, Terms of Settlement, Summons to Witness andNotice of Default of Payment. To view a complete list of fillable electronic forms that can be printed, visit Rules of the Small Claims Court Forms.
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Kevin Hodge, Founder, Licensed Paralegal
Kevin Hodge is a licensed paralegal with over 11 years of experience providing legal services in small claims court and landlord and tenant tribunals. He has represented individuals, businesses and corporations in Mississauga and surrounding areas since 2011.

In some instances, matters may not require full representation in court and can be resolved alternatively through negotiations and discussions. This option is more cost effective than alternative measures.
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Kevin Hodge is a Ontario-licensed paralegal with offices in Mississauga, Ontario. Any results described on this website are based upon the facts of that particular case and do not represent a promise, future prediction or guarantee.
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