We handle all sorts of litigation cases including breach of contract disputes, property damage claims, negligent credit reporting, home renovation disputes and sale of goods cases. If it involves litigation, we have probably seen it dozens of times over.

We are equipped to handle any case from large to small. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all our clients with a straightforward, plain-speaking, direct approach.

We do not tell our clients what they want to hear. We tell them what we think. Honestly and directly. Like it or not.

We respect referrals from our colleagues. We pay referral fees in accordance with Law Society of Ontario guidelines, typically at 15% of all fees billed and collected.  We  will  not  act  for  your referred client on any matter other than  the specific  matter  referred,  without  your  approval, we put this in writing. 

We welcome co-paralegal arrangements where the referring paralegal wishes to remain involved in matter to protect their client and to add value to the process.

We gladly share the benefit of our experience with our referral source colleagues. We are always available to provide advice, support and assistance. We sometimes ghost-write Court materials where necessary and appropriate, including pleadings, motions, memorandum, etc.

We hope that you will consider us in respect  of any future  referrals where appropriate  and when  also consider reaching out to us for co-paralegal arrangements or other  assistance  in  litigating matters should the need arise.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in the future should you find yourself in need of our assistance.

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