Litigation support for self -reps can be an affordable option for people who don’t need a lawyer or paralegal for their entire matter, or might otherwise choose to represent themselves. Use our Template as a self-representative or retain a lawyer or paralegal and reduce cost.

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Home Renovation
Property Damage

Ready to use templates for small claims court.Bundle includes;statement of claim, settlement conference annotations and trial docs.


Car Dealership Non-Disclosure of
Mechanical or Structural Defect

Ready to use claim template for court.Car Dealership failed to disclose Mechanical or Structural Defect.


Mechanic Vehicle Repair Failure

Ready to use claim template for court.


Loan or Promissory Note

Ready to use plaintiff claim template for court.


Collection Agency Suing For Alleged Credit Card Debt

Ready to use defence template for court.Defending lawsuit commenced by collection agency.


Credit Card Defence

Ready to use defence template for court.Defending Amount Owed, Interest Rate, Credit Amount.


Examination Questions

Ready to use examination template for court.An examination of the debtor gives both the court and the creditor information about the debtor's financial situation. It may be that the creditor wants to enforce an order through garnishment and needs to know where the debtor works or banks


Landlord - Tenant/T2 Tenant Application

Ready to use T2 Tenants Right template for Lanalord and Tenant Tribunal.
Reason 1 Entered my rental unit illegally.
Reason 2: Changed the locks or the locking system to my rental unit or building without giving me replacement keys.
Reason 3: Substantially interfered with my reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit or complex or with the reasonable enjoyment of a member of my household


Landlord - Tenant/T6 Tenant Application about Maintenance

Ready to use template for Lanalord and Tenant Tribunal.


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