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Water Heater or Furnace Sales and Rentals​

Most complaints about water heater sales and rentals are about unclear or misleading contracts.
Many consumers in Ontario are tempted to rent a new water heater from door-to-door salespeople who offer deals that sound too good to pass up.
The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services asks consumers to beware — complaints about water heater rental businesses continue to increase year-to-year. Most of these complaints are about unclear or misleading contracts.
Here are some tips to keep in mind:
Don’t sign on the spot. If the salesperson pressures you to sign on the spot, insist you need more time to read the contract and the cover page, including the fine print.
Get it in writing. Ask about the rental fees, installation, repair, and extra service charges and promises, such as warranties — and get these details in writing.
Ask for identification. Ask for photo identification, the name of the company the salesperson works for and to keep a copy of any sales material that the salesperson shows you.
Be sure before you sign. After the 20-day cooling-off period is over you will have to pay some costs if you change your mind.
These costs may include:
the rental payments, which are still due if you terminate
the expenses the rental company has to pay to remove the water heater, and
charges for unreasonable or excessive wear or use of the water heater
Check your contract carefully. All door-to-door water heater contracts must have a specific cover page attached that outlines your rights. So if your contractor while fulfilling his contractual obligations to you has damaged your property or that of your neighbors you do have remedies to ensure that your losses are compensated for or that you are indemnified for claims against you arising from this conduct.
Protect yourself from unclear and misleading water heater sales and rentals by scheduling a time to review your contract today. Contact us for more information on how to avoid costly misunderstandings and ensure your rights are protected.

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